Sunday, April 18, 2010

tayte's great day

i am a middle child. yes, i know that explains a lot. tayte is a middle child.

i went to my friend sheryl's house the other day for a card club. because of baylee still being in basketball, payton stayed with me. so he went too. he loves going to sheryl's. i think it is because sheryl lets him get away with and gives him EVERYTHING. in fact, all the boys love going to her house. so that night lee asked payton if he had fun at sheryl's. and of course the answer was yes.

i'm sure by now you are wondering what that has to do with tayte and being the middle child. well, he started crying saying how he wanted to go to sheryl's and how he never gets to go. so yesterday i suckered sheryl into letting tayte come over. she will say i didn't but i did. i asked a million questions to see what she was doing, and if she would let tayte come over. and i still feel guilty for that. because if she did have something going on she wouldn't tell me. he had the best time. she took him to mr. gatti's for pizza, macaroni and cheese, jello, and ice cream. then they went to her house so he could play the wii. not sure why playing the wii at her house is better than ours but it is.

he was king for a day.

he didn't have to share with anyone. he didn't have to wait a turn. he didn't have a big brother taking things from him or a little brother that he had to give to. it was all about him. being a middle child you do get forgotten about. not in a bad way, just the older sibling has activities to do, the little sibling is into everything. there wasn't anyone to pester him or boss him, he got to do things his way all day.

if you really know lee and i we have the boys with us 98% of the time when they aren't in school. we had them and we feel we should raise them. we don't pawn them off onto other people. in fact, the high school sitter we use called us the other day and told us to go out and she would keep the boys. usually you have to call the sitter. we try to do things with the boys individually so they don't feel like they are a mob. that they are a single person. they just happen to live with lots of other people.

so tayte had a great day. and i am grateful for my friend sheryl. she says she is blessed to do that(in fact she kept texting me pictures and at one point i asked who was having more fun her or him), but i don't think she will ever really know what that does for the boys and i. she made a statement that i really have to agree with. all kids should know that they have an adult that loves them and wants to be around them. especially one that isn't related to them.

and now i have to keep baylee from pestering me to death while he waits for his turn.