Tuesday, May 4, 2010

baseball season has begun

baylee started baseball. this year he is doing kid pitch. i'm not quite sure i like this level, but we have only had one game so i guess i should give it a try. he had his first game friday. let me tell you the story.

he had to be at the ballfield early so he could get his uniform. as we pull up to the field lee and i both realize that we didn't get the poor kid anything to drink. so we decided to leave and head up to taylor's to get him and the other boys a drink. lee goes in with tayte and payton. after a few minutes here they come. payton is crying and lee has a baggie of ice. lee gets in the car and tells me he just got a phone call that baylee got hit in the face with a ball. his glasses are broken and his eye is swelling. are you kidding me? the first game hasn't even started and he is hurt. so why was payton crying? he just got in trouble for not listening, go figure. now we are heading back to the field to see the damage.

we get there and the only thing wrong with baylee is that he looks like he had been crying. his lense had popped out, but was easily popped back in. his eye was fine, no scratch, no nothing.

other than that the game was good. it is a new level with new rules. they can steal, which once the boys figured that out they thought it was big stuff. they got creamed. you could tell the other team had practiced a lot more than our boys, but anyway.

baylee did great. he hit the ball twice making it to base both times.

did you notice who else is in the picture? that's right lee. he is just an observer. no coaching. he is kinda having a hard time with that though. this is the first time he hasn't been baylee's coach.

he even made it all the way around once. and he batted a kid in.

he is in the outfield. which is not the best position, but you know. baylee did mention that he played the whole game and didn't get to touch the ball. and when i was taking these pictures he was dancing to no music. maybe that's why he is in the outfield?!? and not sure why he is eating his glove.