Wednesday, May 19, 2010

living museum

third grade is a big deal. you have taks for the first time. but here in panhandle you have the living museum. everyone in third grade is given their assignment. this year's theme was the 50 states. each child had a state and had to research that state. it is a great learning experience for these kids. for many if not all it is the first time they research anything in detail, really laying the groundwork for research papers later.

baylee was the great state of north dakota (do you sense the heavy sarcasm?) other than the movie fargo most people wouldn't be able to tell you anything about the state.
the teachers had the kids to make a poster.
they dressed like a native from their state. we really needed clarification for this one because i tend to lean on the sarcastic side and wanted to say "i am a native texan and this is how i dress." so while researching at school baylee found a picture of a native american which met the approval of his teacher. i was really impressed with myself with this costume. the only purchase we made was for a box of straws so i could make his breastplate. everything else came from things we had lying around the house.
the idea behind the museum is that it is similar to a robotics type museum. all the kids were in the cafeteria in their assigned spot. after seeing several kids i figured out that they were placed in the spot they would be if you were looking at the map. ok, it was like halfway through but i did figure it out.
so the kids are all standing their with their heads down. someone comes up and pushes their red button. after that they go through the monologue they have memorized. it needed to be around 5-7 sentences with things like tourist attractions, what goods were produced their, the state motto, nickname, those kinds of things. when they finished their speach they put their head down until the next person pushed their button.
no matter how many people pushed their button they said the same thing. even if the same person pushed it several times. lots of older siblings doing that. of course i wouldn't be me if i didn't do something. so as some of the kids i know pretty well were talking i was making funny faces or sticking my tongue out. the all finished their speach mostly straight-faced and only a few giggled.
wasn't he the cutest little blonde headed indian you ever seen.