Sunday, February 10, 2013

goodnight kisses

every night i go upstairs and kiss the boys goodnight.  most nights it's the same thing.  kiss.  hug.  i love yous.  sweet dreams.  see ya in the morning.

tonight was different.  i did all those same things, but as i was walking out tayte stopped me and asked a question.  then another.  baylee had a couple too.  15 minutes later we had talked about playing basketball.  i told tayte that each game you try something new and do something better.  today in his game he tried stealing the ball by swatting at it when his guy was dribbling.  so i told him that's your "do better" next game thing and try something new.  we talked about jump balls and how it's decided who gets the ball and how they keep track of that.

i made the comment that being a mom is the only job i've done well.  baylee replies, "i bet you did well as a teacher, you do well tutoring."  that made me feel wonderful.  i am so glad that my kids see that i'm not "just a stay at home mom."  i'm glad they see that you can do many things and do them all well.

we also talked about how blessed they are that they are taught something and they understand.  some kids don't always understand the first time.  or they don't understand it the way it was said.  i'm glad they realize that they have their strengths and what that can do for them.

i am really glad i do goodnight kisses.