Wednesday, November 5, 2008

things change in the blink of an eye

history has been made. the 44th president is a black man. no woman yet, but after yesterday i believe that will happen in my lifetime. i am optimistic enough to believe that maybe this is what our country needs. for a long time our country has been divided. he may be the man to start the change, i know he can't do it all but it takes one man to begin the change. i hope for my kids sake he is that man, that he is the martin luther king jr. of my kids age. being white i have no real understanding of what black people have gone through. i do know that i personally didn't do anything and i want to meet in the middle and try to get past what our ancestors did. i am hoping that this man can help people meet in the middle. i have been listening off and on all day to what people have to say about this moment in history. how emotional people are getting. for a whole culture they can now believe the american dream is possible. they can be president. i am extatic for them. i was watching the view and whoopi made a comment that obama told kids to pull up their pants and that they may actually do it. i hope he can help these kids see the potential they are missing. she also made a comment that although she was born in the us she finally feels as if she can put her suitcase down. she feels like she has become part of the fiber of america. i desparately hope that he can be the change people are wanting. because if he can we will become a better america. and i am all for that.

baylee didn't take the news about the election results that well. we will have a talk this evening so hopefully he will feel better about it.

another change: lee got a promotion but it wasn't going to be in effect until the start of the year. well that changed. it started now and there will be lots of change for us. some good and some not so good. but i am super happy for lee. he works so hard and deserves every promotion he gets. he may be the big-shot company man he wants to be someday.

lots of changes. its a good thing the boys adjust well to change. some better than the others but we will make it. here is to a fun ride.



Rebecca said...

that's a great way to look at the election optimistic that he will be able to bring about some positive change for the country. aaron was disappointed about the results, too...

congrats on the promotion for Lee. i'm sure you guys will adjust just fine.

and thanx for the comments on my blog. but're younger than me, and not allowed to be wiser. jk :)

tara said...

aahhh. but i am the wisest person i can be. don't think about the flip-side of that comment.