Tuesday, December 2, 2008

people drive me crazy

why is it when the economy sucks, people suck too? i understand that you are pissed that you can't afford everything you want, but seriously do you have to take it out on me? owning your own business is hard on several levels when the economy is in the toilet. people become more demanding, they are not happy with the selection you have. they don't see that you, just like them, are doing everything you can to pay your bills. i actually had a lady come in a week ago and ask me, "is this all the christmas you have?" i ordered 13 different christmas lines. each line has at least 6-10 different patterned papers and several embellishments. that is at least 70 different patterns of christmas only. if you can't find something out of that you are not going to find anything at all. i am getting tired of the gotta have it now syndrome that our society has become. and not only gotta have it now it has to be exactly like i have it pictured in my head. i can't make do with what you have that could be similar. it drives me nuts. it is no wonder that stores are closing right and left.

my neighbor at the store and i were talking tonight. she had a lady come in last week and ask for something to be ready by tomorrow. my neighbor had it ready today. the lady came in and asked her why she was closed friday and saturday. she had come by both days to pick up her stuff but my neighbor wasn't open. that is when my neighbor looked at her and said "so you took off for thanksgiving too?"

if you have never worked retail you don't understand. and if you have never owned your own business you don't understand. i just wish there was a way to tell people you are being a jackass and not have to worry about them bad mouthing you. because i don't care, the customer is not always right.

thanks for letting me vent. i will try not to do this often. just one of those days.



Stacey said...

That same lady must have been in our shop on Monday. She wanted a refund because someone had vanalized what she had purchased from us and actually said "it's not my fault it got ruined"

Just remember there is usually more good than bad and what goes around comes around!!!

Hang in there! I hear Santa is coming to town!!!


Cassie said...

oh man - I hope I'm not one of those people!! B/C I adore you and want you to be happy to see me!!

And just b/c I ask if you have the MM paper - and then pout when you tell me "no" doesn't mean it's directed at you!!! KWIM???
~Cassie, who's feeling really guilty about pouting when you didn't have the MM paper I drool over!