Saturday, January 3, 2009

good day

i did something today that i don't do often enough for me. i stayed at home in my pjs. i really like these days. i started organizing the 12,000 pictures that are on my external hard drive. after 3,000 i quit and moved on to other things. baylee and i played cooties. then lee, baylee, tayte and i played mario party 8 on the wii. we played teams: baylee and tayte against lee and i. the boys were winning for most of the game. lee and i made a great comeback, only to listen to baylee say it wasn't fair for 2 adults to play 2 kids. which may be true if those boys haven't been playing that game tons since they got it. next time we will split the teams differently.

i am ready for the boys to go back to school, for the routine again. i need my routine back. my laundry is piling up. i usually do a load or two before i pick up tayte from school. i try to get something going for dinner before i get him, but that doesn't always happen either.

here is to more good days like this.



Jennifer said...

I am glad you had a nice day at home, you needed one! And pretty much anytime I play a video game with Zack he kicks my butt so no worries! (haha). See ya Monday for coupon day.

- Brenda - said...

We got the Wii this year for Christmas as well - it's a blast, isn't it? My kids are so good, they don't even take time to explain the game to me - just expect me to play it. Kids...