Saturday, January 31, 2009

wii love playing wii

we got super mario party for christmas and we have spent several nights playing it as a family. it really has been fun, except when it is a certain boy's turn he has to look at the map every time. he has to scroll the whole map, which in itself wouldn't be that big of a deal except that he is not the best with the wii remote, so it takes forever. he shall remain nameless (just look below).
plus, i have been deemed the worst player. that is not true. i am not the best and a lot of times i let the boys win to keep them playing. but when it is time for the mini games they groan if i am on their team. seriously.
this picture is payton hitting baylee. he is so mad at him for some reason. since they normally don't hit each other i had to take a picture of it. he was so mad and all i could do was laugh.
and i have to give my remote up to payton because he doesn't get one. that kid can play for only being 2.

mario party hates me too. no matter what map we play i get the raw end of the deal. that game always takes my stars, or i land on a red space, or it sends me to nowhere.
but we will keep playing. the boys love it. mostly.