Sunday, February 1, 2009

that's what i get for thinking

a friend of mine gave me one of those $15 giftcard things for bath and body works. i think it is one of those that you get when you spend so much. she ended up with a lot and was not wanting to go back in again so she gave it to me. i walked in planning on getting their 3 for $20 special. as i walked to the back i noticed tubs full of stuff for $3. i put my first selection back and grabbed 5 of the $3 bottles. went to the register to pay and walked out not giving them a penny. these are the big bottles. the ones that usually cost $10-12 bucks. nothing, nada, zilch. this was my night.

and then we went bowling.

payton had my iphone to keep him busy. he did something and it froze up and wouldn't do anything. i went to get the boys some food. as i was walking down the stairs carrying the food i slipped. there were probably 10 steps. luckily i have ninja skills and ski-ed down the stairs managing to save 3 cheese sticks. the hot dog, chips, and other sticks were on the floor. half the ranch dressing was on me and the railing. but i didn't fall on my arse. really who puts stairs in a bowling ally. those shoes are slick. so i sat an pouted about my phone and food all over me. i went to bowl and the lights on the lane quit. i finished my turn and the lights came back on.

i did break 100. i suck at bowling, but i usually have fun so it doesn't matter that i stink.

i didn't break my neck. apparently a lot of people slip like that because the 2 guys at the counter were at my side muey pronto asking if i was ok. did i hurt myself. or else it just looked really ugly.

my iphone is working.

so i guess it wasn't that bad after all. it just stunk while i was in the middle of it.



Jennifer said...

Only you...Could save all of your food! I am glad you are okay, well atleast physically anyway. They say that the only person not laughing when someone falls, is the one who falls. I love the pics of the boys playing wii, they are too cute!

- Brenda - said...

I could picture all this happening to you just by your description - how funny it is now, right? You are too much :)