Wednesday, February 4, 2009

who needs a pool?

every once in a while the looks on the kids faces will outweigh the mess that is made and i will let chaos ensue. here is chaos at its finest. they had everything they needed: a slide, water and someone to enjoy the fun. it started with bubbles. tayte asked if they were taking a fast bath or slow bath. slow bath means toys. i decided to grab the bubbles, that started the excitement. they played in the bubbles for a while and then tayte got the brilliant idea to slide down. how he got it i am not quite sure, if he fell and then saw the opportunity. i will never know. the tub started 2 inches higher than it was when they finished, but thankfully there was not 2 inches of water on the floor. not sure where that went either. one towel was all it took to clean up. and if i had thought about it sooner i would have thrown it down at the end of the tub and there wouldn't have been anything to clean.

i am a strict mom and expect my kids to act a certain way. but i let them have fun. they took turns without me having to ask. they moved back so as to not get hit. and when i told them they each had one more slide, they took it and stopped. as crazy as this looks it wasn't the worst thing that could have been done.

now only if i had a tub big enough for me to do this.