Wednesday, February 4, 2009

basketball program night

last night we had baylee's basketball program. panhandle does this thing where each grade is given a night that they preform various basketball skills at one of the varsity games. as luck would have it we got the girls game. i think we always get the girls game. anyway it is the same program year after year just the kids get bigger. this year there was excitement. three kids didn't get basketballs passed out to them. for these kids it was more anxiety than excitement. it just so happened that baylee was one of these kids. the look on his face as he scrambled trying to find a ball. i felt so sorry for him, it is a packed gym especially because the girls are doing well. finally, he got a ball and they could start. he did really well, we were all so proud of him. he really likes basketball, which i am glad because it is an indoor sport. he has improved so much since last year. i guess that is the good thing about the same program, you really get to see their improvement from year to year.
chest pass while side-stepping

figure eight through legs
dribbling down the court to finish
they also moved the ball around their legs, head, and stomach. shot the ball up and caught it. that one always makes me laugh because baylee not wanting to do it wrong or lose his ball, barely throws it in the air.
this year was also easier for lee and i. the other boys actually sat down for the majority of the game. they did run around a little, but it wasn't like years past. which also makes me sad because that means they are growing up.

this is the same face from tayte from year to year. i am sure if i looked back at last years program i could find a picture just like this. he cracks me up.