Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day

we had a great mother's day. i hope all of you did as well.

we had a busy day: lot's of things to do and so little time. we went to church. i got a rose at church, which was way cool. after the boys got out of class we went to amarillo. it was tayte's birthday as well so we let him go spend his birthday money, so off to toys r us we went. for some strange reason there weren't many people at toys r us, i wonder why:) then to acadamy for baseball stuff for the boys, the season is starting and we need to be ready. then we went to eat. we put our name in and went to walmart to look for a video game. is it me or does anyone else notice a theme of this day revolving around boys and not the mother? after we ate we went to get mattresses for the new bunk bed set the boys got. finally, another trip to walmart to get twinkies for tayte to take to school. and a stop at gamestop to look for the same game that we looked for at the first walmart stop. then back home.

i really did have a great mother's day. the day started with payton laying in bed with me and asking if i would "cuddle me." you really can't beat that. baylee and tayte had made crafts at school.
tayte made a flower with his picture in the center.
baylee made a plate that says you this is what you remind me of a sweet summer's day. baylee had is teacher send a note home that they could only give to their dad's asking for $10 to get the plate made. pretty impressive. and a also got a kindle. i have been wanting one since i saw rachael's. i used to read a ton, but haven't made the time like a should. so, since lee thinks this is the worst gift he could have given me i have to prove him wrong. he thinks it is a waste of money. i downloaded my first book, michael j. fox's "always looking up: the adventures of an incurable optimist." there are several books i have been wanting to read, i'm just to lazy to go somewhere to get them. the kindle and me a perfect match. ask me again later if i am still using it. hehe.
ps. all the pictures used here were taken by baylee and tayte.