Monday, May 11, 2009

nutrition adventure

i told you we have been busy.
this is the last post for the day. and i will try to keep up. the last week of april until about now is so crazy busy at the store that i barely have time to think.

so nutrition adventure day is the last "wellness wednesday" of the year. each year they do a carnival type event that the kids have to go to each station before they can get their snack and call it done. there are several things the kids have to do. and yes most of them are with real food.
tic tac toe lemon toss

cucumber javalon throw
bell pepper toss
apple toss

grapefruit shot put
coconut bowling
melon weight lifting

potato sack race

tayte fell and was behind so the senior boy grabbed him, made him do super leaps so he could win.
carrot hop

strawberry race

then they have to put the foods on cards in the right place on the food pyramid.

then they can have their snack, but they also have to tell what food group it is in.
so i tell my kids not to play with their food and then they spend the whole day playing with food. this year baylee caught on and told me, "mom, i'm playing with the food." great. and i volunteer for this gig.

since we were up at the school we ate lunch with baylee and then the boys played outside. baylee waited at the swings yelling tayte's name so they could swing together. i am so proud of baylee. when most other kids would not want their kid brother bothering them baylee yells for him to come be with him. times like this i think lee and i must be doing something right.



Cassie said...

this makes me want to move to panhandle.
what a FUN day!

nice to catch up here. miss seeing you lately. may is crazy busy!
see you tues!