Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tayte's graduation

panhandle doesn't have a kindergarten graduation, so this was our first time going through graduation with a child. i almost got choked up.

he looks so handsome.
i was very afraid that he wasn't going to walk down the aisle to the stage. he stopped twice to look at everyone and with nudging from his teacher he finally made it down to the stage. when he got up there he stood. they sang 7 or so songs and and tayte sang one and then stood the rest of the time. that was the first time i heard him sing all year. everytime i asked him about the songs at school he says they are too hard and he can only do them in his classroom. he messed with his lips, hit his ear with his hand. did everything to show that he was not enjoying this at all. then out of the blue he fell off the stands. one of his teachers was standing on the side of the stage so she helped him up without much fuss. if you ask him about graduation he will tell you "and i fell." the sad part is that it didn't even phase him that he fell. he didn't really care.
here he is getting his diploma.
afterwards they came out to the seats to find their parents. he had his diploma like this for the final song and the kid behind him kept telling him, "tayte stop it." lee wanted him to sing more. i was just glad that he stayed up there the whole time. he really doesn't like things like this, but he was a trooper.