Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i didn't fall off the face of the blogosphere

it has been forever since i have posted anything, but that is because we have been busy (you'll see from all the posts that will follow).

to start off we had the boy scout cake auction. since this was our first one we (i) went overboard. i decided that i was out of my mind and was going to make an upright cake, i have never baked an upright cake. and i have never decorated a cake with icing except for the generic cover the top.

so i saw this rocket cake in a cookbook and decided that i was going to try to make it. here i proof that i made it myself.
baylee helped because it was for boy scouts. he wasn't too thrilled about putting the red hots on the cake but he did it without too much complaining.
here is the finished cake. that is a clear cup that makes the "cockpit" for the star wars guys.
the money that is made goes to help send the boys to camp. they had a lot of cakes, but not to many buyers. we bought 3 cakes. our cake went for the most $160. yes i was bidding on it too. the other cake in this picture went for $150. most of the other cakes were going for $30-40. they did end up making over $1000, so not too bad. i was super excited, i wanted my cake to go for the most. now i have to come up with one for next year.