Thursday, October 30, 2008

carving of the pumpkins

as long as i have known lee he has been a huge halloween fan. he used to decorate his entire apartment with cobwebs, spiders, scary masks and the like. he apparently has passed that tradition on to baylee. baylee was persistant about decorating for the holiday. he had paper ghosts taped all over the house. they were very cute. each one had a name badge with his or her name on it. they are everywhere. anyway, last night we had the great carving of the pumkins. this was the first year we painted pumpkins and all the boys loved it. payton had paint all over, he even managed to get it on his back by himself. plus you can't carve pumpkins without the tools and apparently you can't paint without the tools either. baylee and tayte took their cutting jobs seriously. they even cleaned the pumpkins or most of them anyway. daddy took over while they painted their little pumpkin.

then it was back to cutting the pumpkins. this year lee and baylee designed their own and both turned out pretty darn good. tayte and payton retired to the couch to watch tv after painting that was enough (they haven't caught the bug yet). we have a pumpkin with the panther paw and a ghost (just like the little ones all over the house) and darth vader, because it just wouldn't be halloween at the ogletree house without a few star wars images (check back after we gotrick or treating to see the other images). the boys had fun and lee got his carving fix for the year. he still has one pumpkin left. he says he may do it tonight- we'll see. i got to do my job and take the pictures so i was here there is not evidence of it though.