Thursday, October 30, 2008

payton with attitude

from this photo you can just feel the attitude this little boy gives. the look in his eyes. the scowl on his face. he is stubborn and determined to have things his way. that is fine, just not when you are two. constantly he is telling someone no. no i don't want to go to bed. which every night is a fight. there are several nights that the process goes on for hours. or there are other nights that you find him asleep with one of his brothers ( i am sure he climbs into bed after they have gone to sleep). no, mine. no kisses. no no no no.... he can be one of the sweetest boys if he has the mind to do it. because what he is thinking is what he is going to do.

no matter what.

sunday at church he did just what he wanted to do. it started fine. i had high hopes that he would actually do it. but it ended in disaster or at least ultimate humiliation for me. we were sitting in the middle of the pew. i told the boys to put their money in the basket as it comes by, but payton didn't hear and he grabbed his dollar and took off. so he went alone. he go their fine. he turned to come back. then he saw his opportunity. he walked back to the first pew, saw me in the middle, then he ran back to the front. father john had left to get the gifts so he was in front of the alter. payton ran to the back of the alter and around and around. luckily melissa, who was singing decided to grab him. i took him from her and returned to our seat. absolutely embarrased. you know it is bad when people after church tell you he is not the first and won't be the last. well it was the first for me and hopefully the last. the other comments made were 'i don't know how you do it.' sometimes i don't know either.

i am glad i love this kid or otherwise we might have to trade him in on a version with less attitude.