Thursday, October 30, 2008

starting is always the hardest part

ok. i don't know if it is my trying to be cool in this technological age or what. i have been toying with this idea for a while and finally took the time to start a blog. i think my real reason is that i am so busy that this is the way for me to preserve my family's life memories. that way when i do find the time to scrapbook i have the story recorded. big hopes that this will work out.

i don't know the "rules" of blogging and i don't know if anyone will ever read my blog, but i am really doing this as a journal of sorts. so if someone happens on this blog let me know with a comment. it may initially scare the crap out of me but it would be cool. here is to learning as i go.



Chanielce Chacon said...

Hello there. I stumbled upon your blog through random jumping so I hope you don't mind me looking around.
Your blog design is neat. How did you do that?I mean , you can scroll down while the flowers at the sides are not moving. I'm asking because I'm stuck with the classic blogger so I would have to configure the html.
Anyway, congrats for taking the big plunge and welcome.Rules? What rules?
More power and blog on!!!

Jennifer said...

Yea! Another blog to read! I am so excited that you have joined the blogging world! Can't wait to read more!